We believe when teams hold a shared understanding of behavior, they pave the way to move forward faster. Through our work, we ignite personal satisfaction and effectiveness and  increase team productivity so that you can optimize company performance.

Helping Teams Move Forward, Faster.



Like rowers catching the water in unison, Catch Workplace Coaching & Consulting helps teams synchronize their efforts and pull together. By fostering shared understanding and effective collaboration, we empower organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.


Before entering the corporate training space, Emily spent 15 years working with dynamic teams across the country on high-profile projects, giving her a unique vantage point of how people work. Too often, Emily saw teams fall short of their goals due to conflict and underutilized talent. She noted how many problems could have been avoided if people knew how to bridge the communication gap between them and their colleagues.

Emily envisioned creating workplaces where teams and managers had a shared understanding of how to work together, in a way that felt empowering and energizing instead of forced and limiting. With this in mind, Emily began carefully curating a suite of in-person trainings and virtual workshops rooted in neuroscience. Her trainings are designed to help individuals develop both their own self-awareness and understanding of how they work best, and provide concrete solutions to work collaboratively with teammates who have a different approach.

After helping hundreds of professionals thrive through both individual coaching and team development trainings, Emily stands even more firmly in her original belief: By supporting people in both personal and professional growth, companies can create environments where not only will talented employees stick around, but they'll also bring a contagious passion to the workplace that moves teams forward.

In 2020, Emily Nelson launched Catch Workplace Coaching and Consulting based on the idea that people do their best work when they understand themselves, and their teammates, better.


Professionals who receive training about the science and psychology of human behavior are more likely to manage and collaborate effectively, have increased empathy for colleagues, and identify personal areas for improvement - which is why our trainings, coaching, and workshops are all designed with learning theory in mind, so that participants can retain and recall what is covered.


In fast-paced work environments, people are often quick to change actions without understanding the root cause of behaviors, leading to lackluster results. At Catch, we always start with the inner work to identify what motivates and drives us and others, so that behavior change is efficient, aligned and sustainable.


Self-awareness is a leadership skill – a muscle that must be continuously developed. We prioritize self-awareness through the Insights Discovery framework and see it as the key to removing barriers and unlocking the best version of ourselves both personally and professionally.

Self Awareness


We help teams and individuals achieve common understanding, embrace collaboration and harness personal effectiveness to create maximum impact. All for the benefit of their personal growth and the organization’s success.


Gain the confidence to turn insight into action with ongoing one-on-one support after the workshops and team trainings are complete.

1-1 Support


Tailor an interactive team training session to target a specific workplace topic such as overcoming self-doubt or managing burnout through proven systems and strategic frameworks.

Corporate Training


Customize an Insights Discovery session grounded in self-awareness and apply the learnings to how individual team members interact with each other and how they perform as a whole.


We offer three service areas to support teams and individuals in their personal and professional growth.

Let’s work together